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Home Maintenance | Granite Countertops

Taking care of your belongings may very well be the number 1 factor in extending the life of most materials. Even if a material is super durable, leaving it without care will soon take it’s course of deteriorating or losing the initial “glow” that the original item had when you had purchased it. The same theory has be proven true with granite countertops which needs the same type of tender loving care as other materials on this globe. As you know granite isn’t too cheap so if you are looking to make a purchase and have it within your home for years to come, you need to know how and when the maintenance the beautiful surface. A material this beautiful isn’t a set it and forget it type of thing. You would want to get the most out of your money and keep the material pleasing to the eye for as long as possible. Because we have to look after our countertops as well, we decided to put some helpful information together so you can keep your countertop looking like new for the long run. On a side note, if you are looking for stone importers and fabricators within this area, be sure to see this Pittsburgh granite countertops dealer in the city.

granite pittsburgh

A fact that most do not know is granite is said to be amongst the sturdiest stones on this globe. It can withstand a lot of punishment. If you decided to be daring, you could actually dull your kitchen knife by taking it against the material. Basically, the countertops aren’t so easy to chip, scratch or break, but if you don’t know the proper maintenance, there will be weaknesses exposed over time. Once again, the maintenance is one of the important aspects of having these countertops in your home. A thing that is necessary is resealing your countertops. This should be done twice a year, putting emphasis on actually doing this every year. This process basically will guarantee preservation of the shine and original beauty captured within the stone surface. It is a small task but very important task in extending the life of your countertops.

It’s not as hard as people assume. Maintenance could be a very easy task if you’re doing it correctly. The daily grind matters too. Keeping it clean through small spills should be common sense for many reasons. You’ll begin to find out that cleaning it is as simple as wetting a warm cloth with some soap and rubbing it down. Another helpful tips is to not just bang and drop pots that are heavy on the surface. We know it’s not intentional, but being careless can leave a crack or dent on the surface. We know we said that granite countertops are super durable but it’s not indestructible. Diamonds which is the hardest material on the planet even breaks from cutting into it. Knowing that, you should understand that most heavy objects that are traveling at a high speeds can destroy a good bit of stuff.

So, to wrap this up, you mainly have to put emphasis on the resealing twice a year. Like we said, this is one of the most important parts of keeping your surface lasting a long time. I might be hard to remember, so some suggestions we have to you is setting digital reminders. You can also put the pen to the paper if you have printed out calendars. Pre mark them for the month and days you want to tackle the project. Maybe once in Winter and once in summer. Simple reminders go a long way. The small cleaning tasks are fast. If you do the basics of cleaning, you will have an everlasting beautiful display.